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GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed Download For PC (502 MB)

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NameGTA San Andreas
PublisherRocks Star Games
Release Date2004
VersionLatest Version


GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2.

What is GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

San Andreas is set in the fictional state of San Andreas, which is heavily based on California and Nevada.

The player takes on the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a gang member who returns home after living in Liberty City.

Upon returning, CJ finds his old gang and community in disarray. His mother has been murdered, his family and gang friends are in danger, and corrupt police frame him for homicide.

CJ goes on a journey across San Andreas to reclaim his former gang, get revenge on the corrupt police, and uncover the truth behind his mother’s murder.

Gameplay involves completing story missions as well as exploring the vast open world. San Andreas has three major cities, small towns, forests, deserts, and countryside areas to discover.

Players can drive vehicles, walk on foot, jump, climb, swim, and perform other actions.

Since San Andreas came after GTA 3 and Vice City, it built on previous games to deliver more advanced gameplay.

There is a wider variety of vehicles and weapons, more side activities and customizations, and role-playing elements like stats and relationship levels.

However, the core appeal lies in experiencing the gritty, gangster lifestyle story set across the sprawling state of San Andreas.

The game world parodies early 90s California with satire of famous LA landmarks and cultures. The storyline, characters, music, and atmosphere are all very immersive.

San Andreas was acclaimed as one of the greatest games from the PS2 era. It expanded on previous GTA titles to provide an even bigger, more interactive world to explore.

GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed version maintains the entire experience in a smaller file size.


GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed comes with many exciting features:


GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed is set in the fictional state of San Andreas in the early 1990s.

The diverse locations include an LA-inspired city, small towns, forests, deserts, and countryside. Players explore the massive open world by vehicle or on foot.


Protagonist CJ returns home to find his old gang in disarray and his family threatened.

The story follows his journey to uncover the truth behind his mother’s murder, rebuild his gang, and get revenge against the corrupt police framing him.


When not driving, CJ can walk, sprint, swim, climb walls, jump across rooftops, and perform other realistic actions. Shooting and melee combat is improved from previous games.


CJ has stats that level up from use, like stamina, driving skill, and lung capacity. He also needs to eat, work out at gyms, and get haircuts and tattoos. Managing CJ’s life adds depth.


San Andreas has many minigames outside the main missions, like racing, stealing cars, robbing houses, dancing, casino gambling, arcade games, and more. These make the world feel engaging.


There are many customization options for CJ’s appearance beyond just clothes, like haircuts, tattoos, and physical build. Vehicles can also be customized extensively.


A big part of the game revolves around recruiting gang members to take over rival territories. CJ must earn their respect and manage relationships to strengthen his gang.


Up to 2 people can play co-operatively or competitively via split screen or LAN. Modes include story missions, deathmatches, and races. It adds multiplayer fun.


The massive map with no loading screens provides unprecedented freedom. The mix of urban and rural locations gives many options for activities and exploration.


There are over 200 vehicles to drive, including cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, helicopters, and even a jetpack.

Vehicles have realistic physics and deformable damage. Cars can be customized with upgrades like nitrous, hydraulics, and paint jobs.


Friend, I recommend you check out the classic game GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed. Let me explain why it’s so much fun.

GTA San Andreas Download For PC Highly Compressed

First, you get an excellent gangster story across a giant fictional version of California and Las Vegas. The missions have lots of action, like drive-bys, robberies, turf wars with rival gangs, and fast getaways.

The open world map is mind-blowingly detailed, with diverse cities, small towns, forests, deserts, and more to explore.

You can drive, boat, fly planes, skydive anything you want. No other game delivered this level of freedom at the time.

Playing as CJ is fantastic since you shape his life get haircuts and tattoos, work out at the gym, eat to stay strong, and recruit fellow gang members. The customization options let you feel invested in your character.

The gameplay has improved gunplay, melee combat, vehicle physics, water effects, and other shiny new features compared to past GTA games. It all comes together for a polished experience.

Plus, the 1990s hip-hop atmosphere with great music on the radio stations helps immerse you in the gang culture. The satire of LA and California vibes is hilarious.

With the GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed version, you get the classic GTA San Andreas package optimized to run quickly on modern PCs. All the missions, maps, vehicles, features, and fun gameplay remain intact.

You’ll have an excellent time playing through this piece of gaming history in a compressed format. You won’t regret this vast, detailed, and unforgettable open world.

So, what are you waiting for? GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed Download right now.


OS:Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/11
Processor:Pentium III or AMD Athlon
Ram:256 MB
Graphics:64 MB 
Hard Drive:3.6 GB


  • First, You Need To Download the GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed File.
  • After downloading GTA San Andreas, Click on Setup and Install it.
  • After installing Play And Enjoy.


GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed offers an immersive journey through the expansive fictional state of San Andreas as CJ tries to rebuild his life and learn the truth about his family and community.

Finally, if you are a GTA lover, you also like this game. So, if you have any questions regarding this game, please comment below.

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What is the download size of GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed?

GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed Size is 502 MB.

Can GTA San Andreas run without a graphics card?

Yes, You Can Run GTA San Andreas Without a Graphics Card.

Can we play GTA San Andreas on a low-end PC?

Yes, You Can Play GTA San Andreas on a low-end PC.

Can I run GTA San Andreas in 2gb RAM?

Yes, You Can Run GTA San Andreas in 2GB RAM.

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