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NameGTA India
PublisherRocks Star Games
Release Date2004
VersionLatest Version


GTA India is an imagined open-world action-adventure video game that does not exist. It envisions the entire country of India as the setting rather than one particular state or city.

What is GTA India

In GTA India, players would explore a vast fictional representation of modern India as the open-world gameplay map.

Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata would be included, along with various rural countryside from different Indian states.

Players would take control of an Indian protagonist who gets involved with criminal enterprises across India.

The story missions would have players traveling to various parts of India and interacting with local crime syndicates in each area.

The gameplay would incorporate classic GTA mechanics like shootouts, car chases, melee combat, stealth, and high-speed driving. Players could acquire various weapons, from knives and cricket bats to firearms.

Vehicles would range from auto rickshaws, tuk-tuks, and motorcycles to trucks and luxury cars.

Given the diversity of landscapes in India, the environments would vary greatly. Players may be racing through crowded Mumbai slums in one mission and then hiking through jungles in Kerala to smuggle rare animals in another.

Popular Indian cultural elements would be incorporated throughout, like sampling food from dhabas, dancing during Holi, playing Kabbadi with locals, avoiding annoyed elephants, and more based on the region.

The soundtrack would feature licensed Indian pop, rap, folk songs, and original dynamic scores.

Wanted levels would trigger chases from police and other law enforcement appropriate to each area, like the ITBP in mountainous north regions.

But players could reduce their wanted level by bribing corrupt officials.

While GTA India does not exist, it imagines how the standard GTA formula of open-world mayhem could be adapted to provide an immersive Indian setting.

Players could experience the diverse landscapes, cultures, languages, music, food, attire, people, and vibrancy of India within one expansive game.


GTA India comes with many exciting features:


GTA India has a vast open-world map spanning the entire country. It includes detailed representations of major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta, along with rural countryside from different states. Players can explore both urban and rural areas.


The environments range from congested slums to lush jungles and mountainous regions.

Each area showcases geographical features and architectural styles in that part of India. The diversity of landscapes keeps exploration fresh.


The protagonist is an Indian antihero interacting with local criminal networks across India.

Supporting characters like crime bosses and corrupt officials provide missions that drive players across India. The story examines relevant social issues.


Myriad Indian cultural elements are woven into the gameplay – music, attire, food, languages, holidays, etc. Players get immersed in unique cultures belonging to each Indian region featured.


Players utilize weapons like chakrams, cricket bats, machetes, and firearms suited to the local cultures.

Shootouts occur with gangs, police, and wildlife, depending on the area. Each region has distinct combat flavors.


Players can operate various vehicles, from auto-rickshaws, old Ambassador cars, tractors, and trucks to helicopters and speed boats. Real Indian vehicles are modeled for authenticity and challenge.


Between story missions, players can explore India, engage in side activities like playing cricket, dancing during Indian festivals, eating regional food, competing in Hindi rap battles, and more.


Online multiplayer allows up to 16 players to explore India and participate in traditional Indian activities or chaotic, competitive modes involving combat and races.


You can customize characters and vehicles extensively with Indian attire, paint jobs, accessories, and more. Players can fine-tune their style.


The soundtrack incorporates popular Indian songs from different regions and original, dynamic background scores. Music changes based on location.


Core GTA gameplay like shooting, driving, melee combat, stealth, and wanted levels are retained.

New vehicles like tuk-tuks, trucks, and bikes are added. Creative missions incorporate India’s landscapes and cultures.


Forget playing just one Indian city or state. GTA India would let you immerse yourself in the wildly diverse landscapes, cultures, and vibrancy spanning the entire subcontinent. It is the virtual tourism experience you’ve been craving.

GTA India Download For PC

Picture blazing through traffic-clogged Delhi streets in an auto rickshaw or racing past Tamil Nadu temples on a colorful, decorated truck and hiking through northeastern jungles, home to tigers, rhinos, and elephants that react to your presence. The open-world gameplay would bring India to life like never before.

As a gritty Indian antihero, you’ll interact with uniquely flavored criminal underworlds in each region. One day, you’re making deals with Mumbai mob bosses.

The next, you’re outrunning cops on a Bollywood-worthy motorcycle chase through Punjab farmlands. It’s India, GTA-style.

With gameplay marrying combat, driving, stealth, parkour, and more, imagine the pulse-pounding action sequences edited like modern Indian crime thrillers.

And multiplayer expands the chaos, letting friends join you in Holi water balloon fights or chaotic Hindustani rap battles.

The visuals and music would be stunning, too, from sun-soaked Himalayan peaks to neon-lit Calcutta nights, with Bollywood hits to Punjabi hip-hop pumping throughout.

If you’re looking for an eye-opening Indian adventure filled with surprises, personality, and non-stop entertainment, say “Namaste” to GTA India.

So, what are you waiting for? GTA India Download For PC right now.


Free Disk Space6.5 GB
Operating systemWindows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
Graphics cardDirectX 9 is compatible with 64 MB
Processor Pentium III or AMD Athlon


  1. First, You Need to Download the GTA India PC Game and Extract It.
  2. After Extract, go to Extract Folder and Click on GTA India.exe.
  3. Play and Enjoy.


GTA India represents an ambitious concept of adapting Grand Theft Auto’s signature open-world formula into an Indian setting.

By featuring diverse landscapes, cultures, music, attire, languages, and characters across India, this hypothetical game concept aims to provide an immersive gameplay experience that virtually transports players into the vibrant and multifaceted Indian subcontinent.

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What is the download size of the GTA India PC Game?

GTA India PC Game size is 965 MB.

Is GTA India a game?

GTA India is a Mod game. It was created by fans based on the GTA San Andreas game.

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