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NameGTA Punjab
PublisherRocks Star Games
Release Date2004
VersionLatest Version


GTA Punjab is an imagined open-world action-adventure video game that does not exist. It is set in the fictional state of Punjab in India, which serves as the game’s expansive setting.

What is GTA Punjab

In GTA Punjab, players control a young Sikh man named Raj, who has returned home to his village after years of living abroad.

However, Raj soon gets drawn into the criminal underworld dominating Punjab due to the lack of opportunities available to him.

The gameplay would resemble other games from the Grand Theft Auto series. After an initial tutorial section, players can freely explore the countryside, towns, and cities within the large open-world map of Punjab.

They can steal vehicles, acquire weapons, and complete missions to progress the story. Missions involve racing, shooting, brawls, robberies, smuggling, and more.

By helping various crime bosses, Raj rises through the ranks of Punjab’s criminal networks while also confronting rival gangs who control other territories.

But the game also allows free choice when not on missions. Players can roam Punjab’s fields, forests, roads and villages.

They can interact with NPCs like farmers, laborers, street vendors, and more for side activities. Or they can enjoy Punjabi culture by visiting gurdwaras, dhabas, going to bhangra shows, etc.

However, crime and violence bring the police and eventually the Indian military. Wanted levels attract ruthless law enforcement response.

Thus, players must balance completing missions for bosses with staying discreet and keeping heat low.

With its rural Indian setting, use of Punjabi language, and cultural elements like bhangra, saris, and local cuisine, GTA Punjab would aim to provide an immersive Indian gaming experience flavored by the crime drama of Grand Theft Auto.

While purely fictional, GTA Punjab imagines a game adapting the standard GTA format into an Indian context.

It hypothetically offers players a chance to explore a specific Indian region and culture from a street-level view involving fun action, driving, shooting, and storytelling.


GTA Punjab comes with many exciting features:


GTA Punjab is set in the fictional Indian state of Punjab. The expansive open world includes sprawling fields, farms, forests, villages, small towns, and dense urban cities modeled after real locations in Punjab.

Players immerse themselves in authentic Punjabi culture and lifestyle.


The protagonist is Raj, a young Sikh man who returns home to his village in Punjab after years abroad. Raj gets drawn into Punjab’s criminal underworld as he struggles to make a living legitimately.

The narrative tackles crime, poverty, corruption, and the push-pull between tradition and modernity.


Main story missions have players completing jobs for various crime bosses to progress the narrative.

Side activities allow free exploration of Punjab, where players can race cars, apprehend criminals, compete in cricket matches, sample local cuisine, and more.


Being a GTA game, Punjab features a wide variety of melee weapons, firearms, and explosives that Raj can acquire.

Shootouts occur with cops, criminals, and occasionally wildlife like snakes or aggressive dogs. A wanted system raises the heat.


Players can drive vehicles ranging from tractors, trucks, tuk-tuks, bikes to luxury cars. New driving challenges arise when navigating crowded city streets and tight village roads.

Fast driving on highways lets players appreciate Punjab’s landscapes.


Raj’s appearance can be customized with traditional Sikh turbans, kurtas, and accessories. Vehicles like tuk-tuks, motorcycles, and tractors can also be upgraded for speed, handling, and style.


From the cuisine to music, GTA Punjab provides an authentic passage into Punjabi culture.

Players can enjoy activities like dancing the bhangra, visiting gurdwaras, eating at dhabas, and hearing Punjabi folk songs, slang, and humor.


Online multiplayer allows up to 16 players to explore Punjab together, teaming up on missions or competing in various challenges.

In-game chat enables the use of Romanized Punjabi for immersive role-playing.


Advanced graphics and attention to detail showcase Punjab’s natural beauty and diversity. Sprawling fields, vibrant saris, chaotic city scenes, authentic architecture, and more are visualized with realism.

By infusing core GTA gameplay with the flavor of Punjab, this fictional game concept aims to provide an immersive and entertaining virtual tourism experience unlike anything out there.


As an open-world action game, GTA Punjab allows players to explore the region at will in between completing story missions focused on action, driving, shooting, and occasional stealth.

The gameplay maintains core GTA elements while incorporating new features fitting the Indian setting.


Are you looking for an open-world adventure that truly transports you to India? Say “Sat Sri Akal” to GTA Punjab, the immersive Indian gaming experience you’ve been waiting for.

GTA Punjab Download For PC

Imagine blazing through colorful fields in a dusty tuk-tuk, the wind in your hair. You are then ducking into narrow alleys to escape cops in a crowded Amritsar slum, blending into the bustling crowds.

GTA Punjab would offer non-stop thrills and chases set against the diverse backdrops of the Indian state.

As a young Sikh man named Raj, you’d experience Punjab from the street level. From helping farmers bring in the harvest to competing in an intense game of kabaddi, you’d see how real Punjabis live.

And with crime dominating Punjab in the game, you could choose how Raj responds – does he give into underworld temptations or fight against corruption?

With gameplay rivaling GTA classic arcades, imagine shootouts in dhabas or fleeing police in a swanky Bollywood-worthy musical car chase sequence.

The multiplayer would take the chaos global, with 16 players plunging into Punjab’s world simultaneously.

And you’d get immersed in authentic culture – dancing bhangra at weddings, getting a kada bracelet from the gurdwara, eating delicious sarson da saag, and bumping Punjabi hip hop beats as you cruise through cities modeled after real ones like Ludhiana and Amritsar.

Suppose you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind Indian escapade filled with appealing characters, high-stakes choices, and thrills grounded in Indian tradition, culture, and language. In that case, GTA Punjab offers an adrenaline rush.

So, what are you waiting for? GTA Punjab Download For PC right now.


OS:Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/11
Processor:Pentium III or AMD Athlon
Ram:256 MB
Graphics:64 MB 
Hard Drive:1.5 GB


  • First, You Need To Download the GTA Punjab Zip File.
  • After downloading Extract It, After Extract Goes to the Extract Folder.
  • Click on Game Icon Play and Enjoy.


GTA Punjab imagines a game adapting the standard GTA format into an Indian context.

It hypothetically offers players a chance to explore a specific Indian region and culture from a street-level view involving fun action, driving, shooting, and storytelling.

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What is the download size of GTA Punjab?

GTA Punjab download size is 1.1 GB.

Is GTA Punjab a real game?

No, This is a moded version game.

Does it have multiplayer support?

No, GTA Punjab does not have multiplayer support yet. It is a single-player experience with NPC interactions only.

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