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NameDon Bradman Cricket 17
PublisherMaximum Games
Release Date2017
VersionLatest Version


Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed is a video game in which you can experience real cricket. This game was developed by Big Ant Studios and published by Maximum Games.

What is Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed

The name of this game is named after the great cricketer Sir Donald Bradman. Cricket fans and sports game fans will very much like this game because when you play it, you will experience real cricket.

This game comes with Career Mode in which the player can make himself a big cricketer who helps in becoming a domestic and international cricketer.

In this, players can represent their favorite cricketing nations. In which you can also participate in Ashes and World Cup and try to become a cricket legend yourself.

The ball physics and player animations of this game perfectly demonstrate the nuances and complexities of the game so that the player can enjoy a real cricket match and experience the activities. Also, every delivery, shot and fielding effort has been made remarkable.

Don Bradman 17 is a very authentic game. It has detailed player similarities and a great commentary system that makes the game more fun.

The developers have taken care to keep the decisions affecting the outcome of the match, the field positioning, and the sound of the stadium crowd to be absolutely realistic.

Apart from the career mode, there are many other types of gameplay so that the player can cover many types of preferences.

Such as Ashes, Worldcup, and Quick Matches, which give players the opportunity to play directly.

With this, you also get Multiplayer Mode in which you can challenge your relatives and friends to play with you, which makes this game even more fun.

This game is a symbol of the hard work and passion of the publishers of Big Ant Studios and Maximum Games, which shows detail, comprehensive features, and engaging gameplay.

Whether you are a seasoned cricketer or you do not know anything about this game. Even then, this game will provide you with an incredible virtual cricketing experience that will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a cricketer.


Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed comes with many exciting features:


One of the big things in this game is the career mode. In this mode, you get to create your cricket player. You start from a low level, but you can work your way up. You play matches and keep getting better.

The cool part is that you can pick your favorite nation’s cricket team to play for. You will wear their real jerseys and play in stadiums that look just like the real ones. It feels like you are really becoming a professional cricketer.


The gameplay in Don Bradman Cricket 17 looks and feels very real. When the ball moves and the players move, it is just like watching a live cricket match.

Every time the bowler bowls, a batter hits a shot, or the fielders try to catch or field the ball, it is shown in great detail. You can see all the little movements and actions.

It makes it feel like you are right there on the field playing. The excitement and passion of a real match are captured perfectly.


Another cool thing about this game is that the players look just like their real-life versions. Their faces, body shapes, and movements are very well copied.

The stadiums are also made to look exactly like the real cricket grounds. Every little detail of the stadium is recreated. When you add the sounds of the crowd and the commentary, it all feels so authentic.


Career mode is not the only way to play. There are other game modes, too. You can play quick matches if you want to jump into some cricket action quickly.

Or, if you want to take part in big tournaments, you can play modes based on events like the Ashes or the World Cup.


For those who want to test their cricket skills against others, there is an online multiplayer mode. In this mode, you can play against your friends or even people from other countries over the internet.

It adds a competitive layer to the game and allows you to see how good you really are.


From the way this game is made, you can see that the developers have put in a lot of hard work and passion.

They have paid very close attention to all the little details to make sure the game captures the true spirit and feeling of cricket.

Everything from the sound of the crowd to the way fielders position themselves on the field has been perfected.


No matter if you are someone who has been watching and playing cricket for years or if you are completely new to the sport, this game will give you an authentic virtual cricket experience.

By playing it, you can live out your dream of becoming a famous international cricketer representing your country.


Even though the gameplay is very realistic and detailed, the controls are designed to be simple and easy to learn. The buttons and movements you need to make are not complicated at all.

It is good for new players who may not have played a cricket game before. With the simple controls, anyone can jump in and focus on just enjoying the authentic cricket game.


If you love cricket or want to know more about this great game, then Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed is made for you.

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Download For PC Highly Compressed

This game will make you feel like you are really on the cricket field and playing a real match. The game looks so realistic that you will get lost in the action.

When you play, you will feel that the players are moving exactly like real cricketers. The movement and bounce of the ball is also very real.

Every little detail, like hitting a batsman shot or taking a fielder catch, is shown to be very perfect.

You can make your cricketer and make him better while playing in the big career mode. You can wear the jersey of your favorite team and play for that country. The stadiums also look just like the real ones, with applause in the background.

But this game is not just limited to career mode. Whenever you need a quick cricket match, you can play quick matches.

There are also modes where you can play against old revolves in famous tournaments such as the World Cup or Ashes series.

If you want to judge your cricket skills from others, you can play against players from all over the world online. These multiplayer modes increase the level of competition and challenge.

The controls are very simple and easy to learn, even if you haven’t played a cricket game before. With straightforward controls, you can fully enjoy the highly realistic cricket experience that this game offers.

Whether you have been a fan of cricket for a lifetime or have just been known for the sport, Don Bradman Cricket 17 will give you an authentic and exciting virtual cricketing journey that will allow you to fulfill your dream of becoming a legendary cricketer.

So, what are you waiting for? Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed Download right now.


CPUIntel Core i3 / AMD Athlon II
OSWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11


  • First, You Need To Download WWE Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed Parts.
  • After Download All Parts, Click on the First Part and Extract.
  • After Extract, Click on Setup and Install It.
  • Play and Enjoy.


Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed is a must-play for cricket lovers. It feels like real cricket with great graphics and movements.

You create your player and play for your nation. Simple controls allow you to enjoy the authentic experience, whether you’re new to cricket or a long-time fan.

Finally, if you are a Sports and Cricket Game lover, you also like this game. So, if you have any questions regarding this game, please comment below.

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What is the download size of Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed?

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Highly Compressed download size is 9.2 GB.

Can I play online multiplayer with friends?

Yes, the game features online multiplayer modes where you can play against friends or others online.

Does the game feature official cricketers and commentary?

Yes, the game features realistic player similarities of many famous cricketers as well as commentary from real cricket commentators.

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