GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android

GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android (674 MB) (2024)

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NameGTA 3
PublisherRockstar Games
Compatible with7.0 and up
Size674 MB


GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games.

What is GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android

Nearly twenty years after its initial release on PlayStation 2, Grand Theft Auto III has finally arrived on Android, bringing the revolutionary open-world action-adventure game to mobile devices.

As the third main entry and the sixth installment overall in the iconic GTA series, GTA 3 first popularized the franchise’s non-linear sandbox formula and introduced gamers to Liberty City’s stunning 3D environments.

Now optimized for touchscreen gameplay, Android users can explore this vast city and gripping crime story on the go.

The version retains the same energy and atmosphere that made GTA 3 an instant classic in 2001, transporting you back to Liberty City’s streets filled with expansive parks, gritty barrios, and towering buildings.

The Android version keeps the original console gameplay experience with enhanced visuals, sharpened character models, and lighting effects.

Developers have reworked targeting and camera controls to integrate touch gestures and accelerometer movements seamlessly.

Intuitive virtual buttons smooth the action across various Android phones and tablets without compromising immersion.

GTA 3 for Android has the full plotline following street hustler Claude after a failed bank robbery leaves him in Liberty City.

With epic heist missions, drive-by shootouts, and seedy underworld contacts, this gripping story has it all as Claude claws his way up the ladder of organized crime.

All the fan-favorite game modes also return, including Gladiator and King of the Hill challenges across ruined city districts.

The mobile version also introduces new additions, including quicksave options for on-the-go gaming and custom radio stations to create playlists.

Support for Bluetooth controllers takes the experience to another level for big-screen Android play.


GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android comes with many exciting features:


Grand Theft Auto 3 revolutionized open-world gaming on consoles back in 2001. Over twenty years later, Android gamers can now experience the GTA 3 groundbreaking sandbox formula on mobile.

Sharp textures, customized controls, and portable Liberty City live new life into this genre trailblazer that invented the template for all Grand Theft Auto to come.


The Android version sharpens GTA 3 character models and environments for today’s high-resolution mobile displays.

Improved lighting captures Liberty City’s atmosphere from dizzying heights to realistic backstreets.

Textures also got glossy while retaining the original stylized look. Explosions, fire effects, and weapon impacts pack more phenomenon.

Overall resolution gets boosted for crisper image quality across various Android devices.


GTA 3 for Android tailors combat, driving, and movement for touch-based gameplay. Buttons are sized properly while remaining hidden. The camera and auto-aim intuitively track gestures and device motions.

Thanks to a mobile-focused setting, Melee attacks, shooting, vehicles, and lock-on targeting feel natural. Control profiles also suit a range of Android phones or tablets.


Android gamers get the complete GTA 3 experience, starting with our anti-hero, Claude, battling back from a failed bank heist.

The twisted plot features hours of gripping missions traveling Liberty City’s various districts.

All the fan-favorite gameplay varieties also return from rampages to unique challenges testing your combat and driving skills across the open world.


Some new additions suited for mobile gaming include quick save options to bookmark progress instantly. A custom playlist feature allows you to queue songs and radio stations for street-cruising sessions.

Minimaps and menus can be broadened for enhanced visibility. The iOS version even allows multiplayer support through local wifi.

The port feels at home on Android without compromising GTA 3 iconic single-player adventure.


The Android version includes all the deadly weapons and universal vehicles from the original game, like the M16, flamethrower, Rhino tank, and speedy sports cars.

Mobile-exclusive rides and guns add extras for messing around in Liberty City with testing weapons and unknown cars.


Grand Theft Auto 3 is a fun game to play on your phone. It allows you to explore a big city and do lots of things.

Download GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android

You can drive all kinds of cars and trucks. You can also steal cars by punching the driver and taking their car.

You can do many missions, like racing other cars, car chases, delivering stuff in trucks, and more.

Some missions have you get into gunfights with gangs or police. You get to shoot guns and blow stuff up, which is exciting.

As you do more missions, you make money and unlock better weapons. You can buy properties like garages, car shops, etc.

You also meet funny and interesting characters with their own stories. There is always something new to explore in the city.

The graphics and gameplay still hold up well, even though GTA 3 is older. It looks nice on phone screens, and the controls work well. Driving with touch controls feels smooth.

It’s an open-world sandbox game, so you can do what you want. You can drive around between missions and cause chaos if you want. Run from cops, blow up cars. The choice is yours.

GTA 3 is fun on phones. It offers lots of action and excitement with driving, shooting, exploring the city, interesting missions, and characters.

For an older classic game, playing today on the go with your phone still feels great. I recommend trying GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android.

So, what are you waiting for? GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android Download right now.


  • First, Download the GTA 3 APK.
  • Now download the OBB file data.
  • After that, just extract the Obb file using the Zarchiever app.
  • Now you have the OBB named folder com.rockstar.gta3, move this File into the Android/Obb folder.
  • Now, all done, install the apk and open it.


GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android on phones allows you to explore a big and fun city with cool cars and guns. You can drive fast, steal cars, get in shootouts, cause chaos, and more.

It has exciting missions with interesting characters. Even though it’s an old game, GTA 3 still holds up on Android with good graphics and controls.

I suggest trying out GTA 3 on your phone for classic open-world action that you can play anywhere.

Finally, you like this game if you are a GTA game lover. So, if you have any questions regarding this game, please comment below.

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What is the download size of GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android?

GTA 3 Highly Compressed For Android download size is 674 MB.

What type of devices can run GTA 3?

GTA 3 on mobile supports Android 8.0 and up. It can run on most modern Android smartphones and tablets from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc. The minimum requirements are 2GB of RAM and a modern quad-core processor.

Does the mobile version support controllers?

Yes, GTA 3 supports connecting Bluetooth controllers to enhance the gameplay experience on mobile. Both external controllers and gamepads are compatible.

How many hours of gameplay does it provide?

Over 30+ hours, including storyline missions and traveling three criminal rackets. Plus, dozens of side activities involving vehicle challenges, rampages, collectible quests, etc., provide longevity of gameplay.

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