GTA Vice City Highly Compressed Android

GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android (200 MB) (2024)

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NameGTA Vice City
PublisherRockstar Games
Compatible with7.0 and up
Size200 MB


GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android is a popular open-world action-adventure game released by Rockstar Games in 2002.

What is GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android

It is set in a fictional version of Miami in the 1980s. Players control a criminal named Tommy Vercetti, who was recently released from prison.

The game lets you freely explore the large open world of Vice City by foot or by using different vehicles.

You can drive cars, bikes, boats, and even helicopters around the city. The open world feels alive, with various pedestrians and vehicles moving around.

The city is entirely of local gangs and criminals. Tommy gets involved with the city’s underground criminal networks as he tries to expand his gang operations after getting out of jail.

It leads to many action-packed missions of shooting, driving, and dealing with rival gangs.

The game has a fascinating 1980s vibe to it. The city is colorful and vibrant, with neon lights everywhere.

The cars, clothes, and music also feel very 80s-inspired. Just cruising around the city and taking in the sights is very enjoyable.

To progress through the story, you need to complete various missions that involve criminal activities like bank heists, assassinations, drug deals gone wrong, and more.

How you approach a mission is up to you. You can do it with stealth or go in with guns blazing.

Between missions, you are free to explore Vice City at your leisure. You can cause chaos and get the cops chasing you if you want.

Or you can follow the daily routine of the NPC citizens and immerse yourself in the city.

GTA Vice City was designed for consoles and PCs initially. GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android needs adjustments to work correctly on Android devices.

The graphics and visuals could be of higher quality on mobile. Some features may also need to be included.

But the core open world experience remains intact. For many GTA fans, being able to play this classic game on their mobile device is a dream come true. Driving around the neon-lit streets of the 1980s never gets old.

With its compelling crime story, exciting missions, and ability to freely explore at your own pace, it’s easy to get lost in GTA Vice City for hours despite technical shortcomings.


GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android comes with many exciting features:


The open world map consists of two main islands and several smaller areas based in Miami. You can traverse on foot or via vehicles like cars, bikes, helicopters, etc.

The world feels alive with realistic pedestrians and traffic. There’s also a day-night cycle with certain events happening at different times. The neon-soaked 1980s vibe of the city is authentic.


Many iconic real-life vehicles from the 80s are featured in the game. Cars, bikes, boats, and helicopters can all be stolen and driven around the map.

Vehicles can be customized with paint jobs, wheels, hydraulics, nitrous upgrades, etc. Realistic driving physics and damage modeling bring vehicles to life. Traffic rules can be followed or broken to attract police attention.


A wide variety of lethal weapons are available, including melee weapons, pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket/grenade launchers, and thrown weapons.

Weapons can be purchased from Ammu-Nation stores or taken from dead enemies. The combat and shooting mechanics are solid, with each weapon having distinctive sounds and recoil.


The Android port has downgraded textures, environment details, draw distance, and lighting compared to the PS2 original due to mobile hardware limitations.

Frame rates can dip when there are many NPCs on screen. Loading times are also longer. But the vibrant art style still shines through.


On-screen virtual buttons replicate actions like moving, looking around, jumping, attacking, etc. Controls are responsive and intuitive, but touchscreens lack the precision of physical gamepads.

Customizable control schemes help mitigate this limitation. Support for gaming controllers significantly improves the console-like feel.


Signature elements like the 1980s soundtrack of licensed music and talk radio stations are included.

However, some background sound effects and character voices must be compressed or added. But the key audio components still deliver the nostalgic Miami vibe.


There are many options for customizing and enhancing your experience in GTA Vice City on Android. You can modify your main character, Tommy, with various skins and outfits.

Vehicles can be repaired, painted, and upgraded at garages and mod shops across the city. There are also safe houses that can be purchased and furnished to your liking.


The core gameplay of GTA Vice City is preserved in the mobile port. Players can immerse themselves in the nonlinear, open-world environment and gameplay consisting of third-person shooting, driving, and exploration.

Missions involve criminal activities like bank heists, assassinations, and drug deals gone wrong.

How you approach missions is flexible. You can use stealth or go in guns blazing. Outside missions, you can explore Vice City at your own pace.


You may hesitate to play an older game like GTA Vice City on a mobile device. But GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android worth giving this classic open-world action game a try, even in its Android ported form.

GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android

For starters, the ability to explore the neon-drenched streets of a fully realized 1980s Miami setting is such an immersive experience.

The nostalgic vibe the game evokes as you drive around listening to decade-appropriate tunes on the car radio is unlike anything in more modern games.

Sure, the graphics and some gameplay elements feel a bit dated, but once you get absorbed into the story and characters, you barely notice.

And there’s just something special about having the freedom to steal any car you want and go speeding around the city, getting into all sorts of mayhem and mischief.

Unlike the complex controls and interfaces of newer games, Vice City captures a simple and focused playing experience that hooks you in. The missions have a great variety and challenge to them, too.

Playing this game on a phone or tablet recreates that quick pick-up and play fix that is perfect for portable devices. The touch controls work well once you get used to them.

I know you appreciate gaming classics and landmark titles in this industry. Experiencing Vice City on a mobile device is the perfect way to respect the impact this game had while also showing how well it holds up all these years later.

For just a few bucks on a mobile game, it’s worth revisiting this iconic open-world playground of the 1980s that influenced so many other games after it.

I’m pretty confident you’ll get sucked into the exciting crime story and action that is GTA Vice City within minutes.


  • First, Download the GTA Vice City APK.
  • Now download the OBB file data.
  • After that, just Decompress the Obb data using the Zarchiever app.
  • Now you have the OBB named folder, move this File into the Android/Obb folder.
  • Now, all done, install the apk and open it.


GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android allows users to experience this classic entry in the Grand Theft Auto series on their phones or tablets.

With its engaging open world, intriguing 80s aesthetic, and sandbox gameplay, it remains a definitive title in the action-adventure genre.

Finally, you like this game if you are a GTA game lover. So, if you have any questions regarding this game, please comment below.

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What is the download size of GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android?

GTA Vice City Highly Compressed For Android download size is 200 MB.

Can we play GTA Vice City on a 2GB RAM mobile?

You can’t play GTA Vice City on 2GB RAM mobile phones.

Can you play GTA Vice City on Android?

Yes, You can play GTA Vice City on an Android Phone.

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