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If You Are Looking For Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed For PC. So Now You Are In The Right Place. Hello Friends, Welcome Back to Ocean Of Compressed. In This Post, I’m Providing Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed.

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NameEuro Truck Simulator 2
PublisherSCS Software
Release Date2012
Latest Version1.40


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed is a driving simulation video game developed and published by SCS Software.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download For PC Highly Compressed

The player controls a truck driver who can drive articulated trucks across Europe carrying cargo between various cities and countries.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed primary goal is to drive trucks safely and efficiently while obeying traffic rules and delivering cargo on time.

Players start with a low budget and can eventually build their own trucking company by buying more trucks and hiring drivers.

Before starting a job, the player can customize their truck with various parts like engines, gearboxes, chassis, tires, and more.

The interior cab can also be customized. Players must plan their European route using an in-game GPS-style map and navigation system.

The driving itself aims to simulate real trucking. The player needs to pay attention to their speed, watch for speed limit signs, obey traffic lights, pass slower vehicles carefully, and park the large truck properly in loading/unloading areas. Realistic physics is applied to make the handling feel authentic.

The scenery and environments are modeled after real locations in Europe. The graphics are detailed with high-resolution textures.

Realistic weather effects like rain and fog affect driving conditions. Day and night cycles also occur in real time. Background music is played on the cab radio.

As the player gains experience, they level up and can take on longer deliveries across multiple countries.

Complex maneuvers like backing up trailers into tight spaces become routine. Economic factors like fuel usage and damage costs come into play.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed comes with many exciting features:


The game world depicts Europe in striking detail, modeled after real-world locations. High-resolution textures render detailed urban and rural environments spanning countries like Germany, Italy, France, and more.

Realistic scenery and landmarks are visible during drives. Dynamic weather and lighting bring environments to life through day/night cycles and weather effects like rain and fog.


Players begin with buying old, used trucks, then purchase new state-of-the-art models from top brands like Volvo, Scania, and Mercedes-Benz.

Trucks can be customized with hundreds of parts to tune performance and aesthetics. Upgrades like new engines, transmissions, chassis, and interior accessories are available. Trailers for hauling different types of cargo can also be attached.


As rookie drivers, players gain experience by delivering cargo safely and on time. Leveling up unlocks higher-paying, longer-distance delivery jobs.

With enough profits, players can purchase more trucks and build their trucking empire by hiring AI drivers. Advanced licenses allow the transporting of hazardous materials and eco-friendly cargo.


Beyond core deliveries, there are other activities like quick jobs to earn extra cash, fuel deliveries, truck dealership purchases, company management, route planning, and radio listening while driving. Special events and time-limited challenges also occur.


The online multiplayer mode allows truckers to drive together in convoys across Europe. Coordinated team driving missions are also available.

Seeing other real players on the road adds to the social experience and realism.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a thriving modding community. Thousands of free mods allow new trucks, trailers, environments, features, and other custom content to expand the base game. Mods keep the game fresh and updated long after release.


From detailed interiors to realistic damage, Euro Truck Simulator 2 aims to provide an authentic simulation of long-haul trucking jobs in Europe.

Complex driving physics, mechanics, realistic economic factors, locales, and sounds all contribute to an immersive driving experience.


The core gameplay of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed involves driving articulated trucks to deliver cargo between cities and countries in Europe.

Players must drive safely while following traffic rules, managing speed limits, watching for hazards, and adequately parking/reversing the trucks.

The simulation aims to provide an authentic trucking experience with realistic handling, damage modeling, and driving physics.


Driving a truck for hours across Europe may initially not sound appealing. But hear me out – Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed transforms this seemingly mundane job into an immersive, rewarding gameplay experience.

What is Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed

Firstly, it provides a chance to see beautiful European landscapes recreated in stunning detail.

As you drive, you’ll travel through quaint countryside villages, bustling metropolitan cities, and everything. Exploring new locations is a joy.

The driving itself is also satisfying. Maneuvering the massive trucks around tight corners and reversing them into close loading docks will challenge your coordination skills. Pulling off tricky maneuvers successfully after practice is quite rewarding.

Euro Truck Simulator is also the perfect game to unwind. Long highway drives at sunset with the radio playing are legitimately therapeutic. The game promotes a calm, mellow mood.

Don’t underestimate the trucks, either. You can customize them with hundreds of parts to make them your own. Upgrading to brand-new Scania, Mercedes, and Volvo trucks is an aspiration.

Finally, the progression from rookie driver to experienced veteran running your own company is fulfilling. Starting small and gradually growing a trucking empire through smart investments is engaging.

So don’t let the unusual premise turn you away. Underneath it, Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed provides an incredible atmosphere, satisfying driving physics, peaceful vibes, deep customization, and rewarding progression.

So, what are you waiting for? Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed Download right now.


OS:Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Processor:Dual-core CPU
Video Card:GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000) (512 MB)
Space:12 GB


  • First, You Need To Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed RAR And Extract Using WinRAR.
  • After Extract, Go to Extract Folder and Click on Setup.
  • Install Setup Play and Enjoy.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed provides an immersive and realistic simulation of the truck driving experience across Europe.

Detailed physics, environments, truck systems, and economics combine to let players experience the job of a long-haul trucker.

Finally, you like this game if you are a simulation game lover. So, if you have any questions regarding this game, please comment below.

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What is the download size of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed download size is 500 MB.

Can 4 GB RAM run Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Yes, You can smoothly play Euro Truck Simulator 2 on 4 GB RAM.

Can I play ETS2 without a graphics card?

No, You need at least a 500 MB integrated graphics card to play ETS2 on your laptop and PC.

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